Does MarketingBoost have Two Tier Affiliate Program?

Marketing boost is a service that provides business owners with travel incentives to give to their customers. The purpose of these incentives is to create goodwill and warm relationships with the customers.

With the use of Marketing Boost, businesses can attract more customers, generate more sales and build stronger relationships with their customers. The travel incentives are designed to help businesses capture new leads and maintain their current customers. They also help to create a loyal following that will keep coming back for more. By using the right strategies and tactics, Marketing Boost can be a powerful tool in helping businesses grow and succeed.
As affiliates, we know that funnels often incentivize potential customers with free ebooks or guides to get them to take an action such as input their email onto a landing page.

The Marketing Boost has a 7-day free trial, but I will focus on the two tiers affiliate program.

The affiliate page for Marketing Boost shows us that we can achieve a 40% commission, as well as information about their two-tier affiliate program. If we invite other affiliates, we can earn an extra 10% commission every time someone uses their affiliate link to join Marketing Boost.

In the affiliate dashboard at marketing boost, you can see a regular menu. Under statistics and reports, there is a section for promotional materials where you can find high-quality banners to use in your promotions.

The two-tier section of the substitutes tab contains a hierarchical list of all sub affiliates below you, as well as their performance stats.

I think marketing boosts have a great structure of a commissions. It is very encouraging for new affiliates to join, and the two-tier system allows you to make money from sub-affiliates. Plus, they have great promotional materials that are easy to use on your website or blog.

You can Register here to MarketingBoost Affiliate program:
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Overall, I think Marketing Boost is a great way for businesses to reward their customers with travel incentives and create long term relationships. The affiliate program is also well structured and provides a great opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions. I recommend you check out this service today!

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