Jasper AI Full Review & Tutorial – Part 9

Today, I want to focus on content and show you a content AI tool that will help us generate automatic content very easily. It’s called Jasper AI, and it’s also my recommended tool. They have a 5-day free trial, so you can just click “start for free” and try it out. If you click on my link though, I’ll give you 10,000 credits worth of words for free!

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Jasper AI is very easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. First, you can choose the type of content you want it to generate: blog posts, articles, whitepapers or even press releases. Then, you enter your keywords and Jasper AI will generate automatic content for you in minutes. You can edit it however you want in order to make it unique and better suited for your needs.

The best part about using Jasper AI is that it saves a lot of time and effort because all the work is done by machines instead of humans. This means that the content produced is more consistent than if it were written by someone else. It also makes sure that every blog post or article follows certain quality standards, which can be very important in the long run. If you’re looking for a content AI tool that will help you publish amazing content without few effort, I highly recommend Jasper AI! Give it a try today and enjoy the benefits of having automatic content generated for you quickly and easily.

On the main dashboard, you will see that there are some options. Click on “Template,” and you will be met with a variety of template options. For this demo, we will filter by block and click on ‘one shot blog post’.

To start, we will type the blog topic in the search bar. For example, “Builderall All-in-One Platform.” We can then choose the tone of voice; for instance, friendly. Once we click on generate at bottom of page, we will get three options for a blog post with different titles each.

If we want to change the sentence we just need to select it and then click on the “rephrase” button at the top. You will get another option of a sentence, so you can either approve it or try again.

We can change and improve each paragraph, or go to the end of a paragraph and hit ‘Ctrl-J’ to have Jasper automatically continue writing content for us from that point. It’s like magic! In just a few minutes, we wrote an entire blog post. You can see the word count in the top right corner.

If we want to start from scratch, we need to click on ‘document’ and the plus icon. We click on ‘start from scratch,’ and a new document will now appear.

One of the best ways to improve your productivity is by using commands shortcuts. For example:

> Rewrite the above content in a [tone of voice] way

> Condense the above to a clear message

> Rewrite the above paragraph to appeal to [target audience]

> Rewrite the above paragraph, do not repeat it

> Explain the above content to a 5th grader

> Make a list about the above content

> Rewrite the above content in a list format

> Write a paragraph about the above content

> Rephrase the content above, do not repeat it

We just need to select the line of the command and click ‘Ctrl+ Enter”.

You can see all the available commands by clicking on the right side of the top panel.

On the top of the screen, you will see two buttons. These are used to switch between ‘power mode’ and ‘focus mode’.

The ‘Power Mode’ provides users with the option to see a document on the right-hand side of their screen and various template options (e.g., ‘blog post outline’) on the left-hand side of their screen.

We can improve our posts by following these simple steps: moving the outline from left to right, selecting each one, and pressing Ctrl+enter.

When you’re ready to start writing your blog post, one way to get structure is to look at receipts. You can choose a receipt that’s similar to what you want your content to be about. For example, if you want to write a recipe blog post, you can find a recipe on a receipt and use it as structure base for your own content. There are also tutorial videos available that show you how this process works.

Of course, we need to do some editing when using Jasper AI, but you’ll see how quickly it is. Jasper AI has a lot of options, but since I want to keep this tutorial short, I think that’s enough for this part.

I can say that Jasper AI is a great content AI tool to help you create amazing content quickly and easily. It has many features that make it easier for us to write and publish our content.

Get Jasper AI trial with 10,000 FREE Words:
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So, now that you know more about Jasper AI and how it can help you in content creation, why not try it out? With the 5-day free trial offered and free words credits, you have nothing to lose. Good luck!

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